Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Top Albums 2004

1. Arcade Fire Funeral

It's hard to argue against this album. It doesn't grab everyone at first listen, but guarantees to entangle you in it's web with each repeated listen (and it's difficult to stop.)
download: "Neighborhood #2"

2. Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand

Would've garnered my top nod if not for the last month of repeated listening to our previous entry. When they make a movie looking back on 2004, "Take Me Out" will have to be on the soundtrack.
rhapsody link:Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand

3. McLusky The Difference Between You and Me is You're on Fire and I'm Not

If alone for song and album titles, McLusky aim to please via confusion. Rough, jagged, rude, loud... not for everyone - but then the best music isn't.
rhapsody link: McLusky The Difference Between You and Me is You're on Fire...

4. Snow Patrol Final Straw

Feels like a shoegazer/tweepop classic. Another 2004 soundtrack song in "Spitting Games".
rhapsody link: Snow Patrol Final Straw

5. The Futureheads The Futureheads

The Jam meets Wire and Gang of Four and adds acapella-like vocals to the mix. Wow! The most disjointed album I find myself singing to when it's not playing. What?
link to videos: "Decent Days and Nights" , "First Day"

6. Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days

rhapsody link: Iron & Wine Our Endless Numbered Days

7. Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News>

rhapsody link: Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News

8. Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans

9. Rilo Kiley More Adventerous

rhapsody link: Rilo Kiley More AdventerousNews

10. Animal Collective Sung Tongs

Also: Elliott Smith From a Basement on the Hill, Elbow Cast of Thousands, The Beta Band Heroes to Zeros, Tom Waits Real Gone, Ray Lamontagne Trouble, Mark Lanegan Bubblegum, Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose, The Walkmen Bows and Arrows, Guided By Voices Half-Smiles of the Decomposed, K-OS Joyful Rebellion

Playlist Link (Rhapsody) - Songs from most of my top 50 albums of 2004


mgrooves said...

hey there -- just stumbled across your blog via technorati...very cool. i really liked today's post with your top albums of 2004. i did a similar thing on my blog, rhapsody rock school, which is devoted entirely to offering rhapsody playlists. you can check the blog out at if you're interested, or just check out my "best of list" here:


Shawn Anderson said...

mgrooves, thanks for the link... like the site!

little did I know we work for essentially the same company... small world.