Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sped up and miniaturized

The Dandy Warhols just got done playing here in the basement (see the video of it here.)

They then proceeded to invite us all out for drinks (at the War Room, 8PM.) Tonight could be very Dig! like, but I doubt it.

In support of the new single, they're doing a mini-radio tour, and by mini, I mean their playing mini-instruments (not playing at miniaturized radio stations... but that's not a bad idea...mmmm.) They're calling it the 'suitcase tour,' playing only instruments that they can fit into a suitcase. There was no topless(NDFW) Zia McCabe, but the rest were on hand. Singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor played a Martin backpacker guitar, drummer Brent De Boer played a lil' electric keyboard, and guitarist Peter Holmstrom played a Gibson acoustic (refusing to play his miniature guitar when he found out they were being filmed.)

They only played three songs, as they'd only learned three for this odd instrumentation, and played them amphetamine-like so it was over very quickly (hence, not so many pics.)

Tracks played:
1. Smoke It
2. We Used to be Friends
3. Bohemian Like You

This is the exact songs and track order I had in Rhapsody when I got back to my desk. I guess I was anticipating songs they'd play, and turned out to be spot on. Here's a playlist of the songs played in their original form: Dandys in the Basement

So last night, they were previewing the new album and it was kind of noisy, what with all the people getting free drinks on Capitol Records tab, but I was able to gleam from the listen that it's a mix of the last two album styles. The first single, "Smoke It," obviously harkens back to 13 Tales..., but there were a few Duran Duran (Nick Rhodes) influenced songs, ala Welcome to the Monkey House.

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