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Now Downloading: New Releases 02.20.07

I'm a day late, but I've got another gaggle of goodies. Interesting releases for this week's crop include new ones from k-os, Explosion in the Sky, Klaxons, Elvis Perkins and The Besnard Lakes.

Playlist: New Releases 02.20.2007

Since I covered Elvis Perkins earlier today, and both k-os and EITS in Monday's talk show post, let's take a look at the other two I mentioned above:

Album: Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future

Technically, this album won't be out here in the United States until late April, or so, when these British lads land stateside to conquer our indie stages. Nonetheless, here it is in Rhapsody, for your listening pleasure. The band has gotten Arctic Monkeys-like hype across the pond, and have been hailed as 'kings of new rave.' But before you go reaching for your glow sticks and ecstacy, know that there's a bit more going on here then that. First witness the track "Magick," which moves through more tempos and pop styles then an entire rave could. Then come all the literature references. Obvious is "Gravity's Rainbow," which is named after the famed Thomas Pynchon novel) but then there's also "Atlantis To Interzone," which is a reference to William S Burroughs concept of a "metaphorical stateless city," from the short story collection Interzone. They even pull off an amazing Justin Timberlake ("My Love" live on BBC Radio.) So please just put that glow stick down.


Album: The Besnard Snakes - The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse

This Montreal band reminds me a lot of Low, if they were more obsessed with The Beach Boys. The title of their album is quite fitting, given how many bands from Montreal have broken leaving The Besnard Lakes truly as the Dark Horse. This epic album just might have them changing those odds. It's dense and laid back, never sounding like it's trying too hard, yet revealing a lot more upon repeated listens. However, one listen to "Devastation" is all you need to know that this band (and album) is in for the long haul.

Download: "And You Lied To Me"


Other picks from this week downloading into the Sansa:
Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday
k-os - Atlantis: Hymns for Disco
Explosions in the Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (Single)
M. Ward - To Go Home (Single)
Kinky - Sassy (EP)

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Shawn Anderson said...

New Releases 02.20.2007

1. While You Were Sleeping - Elvis Perkins
2. All The Night Without Love - Elvis Perkins
3. ElectriK HeaT - the seekwiLL - K-OS
4. Welcome, Ghosts - Explosions In The Sky
5. Golden Skans - Klaxons
6. Disaster - The Besnard Lakes
7. You Never Had It So Good - RJD2
8. North American Scum (Radio Edit) (Single) - LCD Soundsystem
9. Mexican Radio - Kinky
10. Defenses Down - Calla
11. Squirrels - Andy Dick & The Bitches Of The Century
12. Boomerang [Live Version] - Black Lips
13. Single Life - The Pink Mountaintops
14. Human Punching Bag - M. Ward
15. New Year's Day - The Ataris
16. The Songs Of National Freedom - Richard Swift
17. Hooray (Dark Baby Remix) - Minus the Bear