Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SP20, Monday - Wolf Parade, Foals

If you thought that SP20 ended on Sunday, you're partly right... the official part did anyway. But like Green River and Fluid did the Thursday night before at the (tiny) Sunset Tavern, some bands were sneaking in more Sub Pop goodness outside the event. Monday night at Neumo's was billed as The Listening Party with Special Guests, and knowing that the band was getting set to start tour with Wolf Parade, some folks figured out that part of the secret pretty early. Yesterday morning, it was revealed that not only was Wolf Parade playing, but also Foals, essentially two of the three bands I most lamented missing out on by going Saturday instead of Sunday (the other being No Age).

The show was insanely great, Foals were tight as motherfuckers and Wolf Parade gave their usual stellar set. And I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Listening Party as well, with their Pet Sounds, freak-folk, kitchen-sink sound. But ultimately, it was Wolf Parade's night, as evident in this video I captured of "I'll Believe in Anything," during their encore:

Note the annotated video... YouTube added that feature a bit ago, and this was my first attempt at using the 'Pop-up Video'-like technology on one of my videos.

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