Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bumbershootin' - Wet, bloody and poopy

Well, the boys and I survived Bumbershoot.

It was during the Walkmen's set, during the great song "Louisiana," that it all sunk in. Frontman Hamilton Leithauser belts out the line "I've got my hands full," and I just had to laugh. Eli was nowhere to be seen, and Zane had a diaper full of poo, working it's way up his back. Minutes prior, Eli had bit his lip and bled like a stuck pig, so our towel we were sitting on was spotted with blood, and now with Zane's diaper change, it had sh*t added to the mix. Oh, yeah, and ketchup (from the curly fries).

It started how it ended. After playing in Seattle Center, we hung out at Fischer Green stage waiting for the great Darondo to come on. Zane, mobile for the first time, was uncontainable. Meanwhile, Eli was hiding a secret - he was working on a big shit. Darondo's backing band, Nino Moschella, started the set, as it was revealed that Darondo would come on later. Too bad... just like with Eli, it appeared that poop was preceding Darondo. 4 songs into their set, I get the cue "I have to poop!" and we're off to the races (just made it).

Then it was off to the fountain, which is where Zane was trying to walk/crawl to during the waiting for Darondo/Poop period of the program. Eli tore off all his clothes and it took some wrestling to get his boys in the shorts I packed before he disappeared into the heart of the fountain. Then I got the screaming and pointing Zane stripped to his diaper and he was off. Interpretive dancers showed up and danced around Zane before moving into some crazy water soaked routine. I finally find Eli when he sneaks up and steals the dancers' umbrella. He seems to have made some new friends and found a new family to hang out with. Makes it easier. Zane's knee is bleeding from crawling on the rocky surface. I can hear Darondo singing "Didn't I" in the distance, with the crowd loving it. Damn.

I finally negotiate Eli back into his clothes and the stroller and we're off to see The Walkmen. Perfect soundtrack to the blood, poop and ketchup stains to come. We may have been beaten up during the Walkmen set, but when Man Man followed, the kids rallied and danced their soggy bottoms off. When "Hurly Burly" came on, Eli recognized it from one of his mixes ("this is one of my songs!") and got his FREAK on, dancing, spinning and screaming with glee. Pretty soon he had his own audience. After the set, it didn't take any negotiations to get the kids in the stroller, and they passed out long before we got to the car. Perfect end to a successful wet, bloody, poopy and ketchup-stained day Bumbershootin'.

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