Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spectacle: Guitar Pull Ups

My consolation prize in not being able to watch Lost (damn you Fisher Communications) is that I can take in some Spectacle. It was in the form of a Johnny Cash style 'guitar pull,' with everyone sharing songs and pleasantries. While several guitars were out of tune there was a few nice moments, like Kristofferson's grizzled delivery of a couple of his classics. But his most well known song, "Me and Bobby McGee," got the group treatment, and suffered from meandering and muttering.

Honestly, though, throughout I found myself pausing the episode repeatedly to try and find some way online to watch/download/mainline the Lost premiere. I'm not in the habit of doing it, but it seems last night was a frustrating affair for the usual downloaders. As of midnight, there was still no proper rip of the first episode, and yet, a ridiculous amount of options for downloading the second episode.

1. "Big River" - Johnny Cash - sung by all
2. "Small Town" - John Mellencamp
3. "How Many Time Have You Broken My Heart" - The Little Willies (video) - Norah Jones music to Hank Williams lyrics
4. "Sunday Morning Coming Down" - Kris Kristofferson
5. "Seven Year Ache" - Rosanne Cash
6. "From Sulfur to Sugarcane" - Elvis Costello (unreleased, written but not used for the film All the King's Men)
7. "Longest Days" - John Mellencamp
8. "April 5th" - Rosanne Cash w/ Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson (Unreleased)
9. "Here Comes That Rainbow Again" - Kris Kristofferson
10. "Me and Bobby McGee" - Kris Kristofferson - sung by all


J. Andrew Camp said...

I thought "April 5th" might be the prettiest cowrite Elvis has ever had. Beautiful.

shane said...

Guitar pull offs or hammering on and pull offs is what i was wanting to see, but never mind, the video was cool anyways :)