Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chuck vs Project Awesome: I am Chuck's cold sweat

Legend has it that once upon a time the idea was floated that Captain Awesome would turn out to be a spy. But in that scenario, the character (played by Ryan McPartlin) would have to meet an early end. McPartlin's "Awesome" was just too...well... awesome for that to happen. Knowing that, seeing Captain Awesome mistaken for a spy in this episode it's like coming full (inverse) circle. Of course, outside of the abandoned idea from the writer's room, why would anyone think he was a spy? Nobody's confused about whether Shaw is a spy, thanks to the Superman looks of Brandon Routh (who kind of looks like a goyish model version of Josh Schwartz, no?).

A case of mistaken identity as theme sort of crosses over to the Buy More, kind of, with the Fight Club references. The intersect in Chuck's head is kind of like his Tyler Durden - a romanticized version of himself that Chuck (as Narrator) has little control over. Notice, though, that with Awesome, he has little or no problem flashing when he needs it? With Fight Club, guest Angie Harmon (Baywatch Nights), and the flair on Morgan's vest (Office Space) it appears 90s pop cultural references have won the day over the usual 80s allotment.

To underscore the Fight Club scenes, they even employed The Dust Brothers' "Space Monkeys," from the soundtrack. But, like the first season, nothing sells action like Spoon, even if the new album (Transference, out tomorrow) doesn't have the same amount of metronome pounding rhythm of past albums. "Got Nuffin'" does the trick, though, even if the lyrical content has no relation to what's going on the screen whatsoever. And yes, Josh Scwartz is a fan.

Congrats to the new Ass Man for stopping Fight Club before it turned in to Project Mayhem.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 3.04
1. "Space Monkeys" - The Dust Brothers (from Fight Club)
2. "Got Nuffin'" - Spoon
3. "Bears" - Sam Isaac

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