Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Promise: The Making of the Darkness on the Edge of Town

"More than being rich or famous or happy, I wanted to be great."
Bruce Springsteen looking back.

I've already written about the documentary that finally aired tonight on HBO, but wanted to reiterate just how amazing it is that Springsteen just tossed aside what looks like a whole hit album's worth of songs while making this album. If the song sounded like it might get too much attention and overshadow the other songs, he moved just moved on. "Because the Night" ended up with Patti Smith, "Fire" eventually landed on The Pointer Sisters lap, and there's a few others as well that will finally see the light of day in a few weeks when the 3CD/3DVD box set comes out.

The other reason for this post is to point out that for Kindle users, there's a free essay written by Bruce Springsteen you can download. Thoughts on The Promise and Darkness On The Edge Of Town is basically two essays written by Springsteen about Darkness, the first pulled from a 1998 book called Songs, and the second read by the Boss near the beginning of the documentary.

Free Download for Kindle: Thoughts on The Promise and Darkness On The Edge Of Town

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