Monday, November 22, 2004

Playlist Pleasures #2

What's spinning my wheels this week...

  1. Nirvana With the Lights Out (3CD Box Set+DVD) - It's a fascinating historical record, for the music junkies like myself. Not something I'd sit and listen to over and over, but well worth the money for seeing their progression (and for Thurston Moore's liner notes essay.) Lovingly put together. Listen via Rhapsody
  2. U2 "Vertigo" - U2 playing a punk riff? Singing with a spanish intro? (What's with the catorce?) It's a little cheezy at first, but I'm liking this song more and more, even with the ipod ad repeatedly in my face. I suppose if you're going to sellout, that's the way to go. Their performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend was the stuff of legends.
  3. The Walkmen "Christmas Party" - Is it too early for Christmas songs? It's certainly never too early to have one from The Walkmen. I'll take one in June if need be! This is from their upcoming limited 12", also featuring a song about egg nog and a Jonathan Richman cover. Now, why didn't they play it at The O.C.'s The Bait Shop?

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