Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Portait of a young progressive

A peek in on lil' Malachai

So yes, Drake is going to be a father. The lil' swimmer is a quick mover and has got a huge melon. A future soccer star in the making, perhaps?

I went to register with mah' lady, Tootie, at the extremely disturbing Babies R Us. Granted, I have problems focusing in most stores that are full of electronic gadgets and things to play with so I shouldn't be surprised when shortly upon walking in my Tootie's head proceeded to spin off her body and fly in multiple directions. But she's normally the focused one and it was (and is still ;) disturbing... the power that aisles of infant commerce can have over a mother to be.

FYI - Malachai is his womb name... kind of like a stage name in reverse.

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