Thursday, November 04, 2004

to start off...

First post impression post-election post-dejection, pre-direction pre-post post

Hello and welcome to thus spake drake, an unmolded time-waster of a blog that won't do much to change how you feel or think... but just might curl a lip or raise an eyebrow (we're reaching high here aren't we?)

What 'the drake' will post is interpretations of our culture, which apparently is about to be under attack, post-election mandate withstanding. Expect full-tilt resistance here to this coming so-called conservative revolution.

I'll post music recommendations both new, old, and forgotten or those that 'slipped through the cracks' (mostly via large record label consolidation.) A great escape from our 'lack of reality'-based administration.

I'll refer to other favorite reads and posts, as we bloggers link to eachothers blogs in an endless chain of referral until you just can't remember who posted what, when, where. Why?

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