Friday, November 05, 2004

What's that on your lip?

let's start in the middle and eat our way forward and back...

No, that's not a Bush supporter, but a picture of yours truly from the 11th annual Bigelows mustache competion. The culture of the mustache is ripe for a blog... just not sure I'm the one to do it. Had one for a very short time and can't say that I understand the attraction.

You see my new half-bro, Captain R, entered me into this contest...
Captain R and Drake LeLane after being eliminated in the 2nd round of the 11th Annual Bigelows Mustache Competion
Bad timing (re: weddings) prevented me from getting the full 4 weeks of growth in, but I still made it to the 2nd round. I've got a mullet and a wife-beater shirt on that reads 'Hide Your Daughters' which made up a bit for the 'stache not growing in as much.

It's really just too bad I hadn't started this blog sooner to follow the growth. On second thought, maybe it'd be more interesting to watch my grass grow.

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