Thursday, January 06, 2005

RIP Lil Sis -- 1970-2005

My sister Heather lost her 5-year long battle with cancer this morning at 1:15 AM.
She was 34.

Heather and her daughter Gabriella

We fought
we laughed
we cried

We conspired against each other... and
we conspired with each other against the world

We lost touch
we reconnected

We fought
we laughed
we cried

I cried.

I will miss you lil' sister.

Heather and I, early 1972


Justin said...

I have stopped by your blog a few times before, but I don't post comments very often anywhere. Nothing can be said to make death easier, but I hope this time goes by as easily as possible.

Wishing you peace of mind,

drake leLane said...

Thank you Justin for the comment... time heals all.

It's 4 years since she was given 1 year to live, so we had more time with her then some thought possible. Her suffering is no longer, in that, at least, I take much heart.