Wednesday, January 26, 2005

and.... Twins!

This post is dedicated to twins...

First up is Tegan & Sara, the best Canadian twin lesbian indie rock act ever. Tegan (l) is the outgoing one, Sara's (r) the shy one. I only know from watching them interact at this performance taped at Spin magazine. They didn't, however, play the song that's been stuck in my head since I first heard it months ago, "Take Me Anywhere" . You can also tell Sara's got some shyness issues from this cute video promoting the performance... Tegan says as much.

So one has to wonder how Sara will take this review from Pitchfork, seeing how "Walking With the Ghost" is the first song she's written to be turned into a single. They write:

"The first single from So Jealous, "Walking With a Ghost," sounds like one of those dummy mp3s major labels post on KaZaA to fool unsuspecting music lovers, where the first 10 seconds loop for five minutes."

Which is pretty harsh, but I chuckle from the experience. There is a bit of repetition in the song, but it's of the sort that you don't expect, an oddity that's endearing. It's unfortunate that part of the draw to Pitchfork reviews is they'll occasionally trash something that you like, without real criticism to back it up. Kind of like listening to Rush Limbaugh, in a bizarro-world sort of way.

In the 'just because' file, check out this photo of one the First Twins Jenna Bush from the inaugural ball. It seems she's, uh... er... "enjoying her daddy's new mandate."

Also, check out taleoftwocities hilarious play-by-play of the inauguration for Jenna.

Sjokkhilsen fra Bush datter!

And finally....

Olsen Twins Garner Razzie Noms

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