Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oscar Noms

The academy awards nominees are out, and as usual I'm not particularly impressed (holding back yawn.)

Here's a Rhapsody Playlist of musical nominees, both song and score highlights. (Tracklisting here.)

The big snub in my mind here is Jon Brion's I Heart Huckabees and, for that matter, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Highway freakin' robbery. Ok, maybe a funky cobblestone street mugging. Here's a Rhapsody playlist w/ highlights from both. Most will point to Howard Shore's score for The Aviator, since it won the Golden Globe, but... (almost yawned again.)

The Aviator predictably got the most nominations (11) with this being Harvey Weinstein's last 'start to finish' picture with Miramax. He's putting all his (considerable) weight behind it.

Sideways got some accolades (4 noms,) but noticeably missing was Paul Giamatti. The humanity! Yawn...

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drake leLane said...

1. "Al otro lado del Río"/Jorge Drexler/The Motorcycle Diaries
2. "Hurricane Herman"/Thomas Newman/Lemony Snicket's...
3. "Accidentally in Love"/Counting Crows/Shrek2
4. "The Peter Pan Overture"/Nick Ingman/Finding Neverland
5. "The Reptile Room"/Thomas Newman/Lemony Snicket's...
6. "Buckbeak's Flight"/John Williams/Harry Potter...
7. "Learn to be Lonely"/Andrew Loyd Weber/Phantom of the Opera
8. "Raising the Cross"/John Debney/The Passion of Christ
9. "Forgotten Overture"/Nick Ingman/Finding Neverland
10. "Believe"/Josh Groban/The Polar Express
11. "Those We Don't Speak Of"/James Newton Howard/The Village
12. "Taken by Surpreeze"/Thomas Newman/Lemony Snicket's...