Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Electrifying Conclusion, pt II

The Chicago Tribune reviews the final Guided By Voices show ever...

When the swan song arrived, Pollard jokingly introduced it as a new number titled "The Ballad of Guided By Voices." It was actually "Don't Stop Now," a message that as he sang the closing chorus, Pollard struggled against defying. Standing motionless with his eyes closed and right hand frozen in the air, the 47-year-old was a stoic portrait of bittersweet relief and sad joy, realizing that what began as a basement hobby was in the home stretch of its fairytale run, a dream that if it had been anything but real no one would ever have believed could come true.

Chicago Sun-Times interview prior to last show
Images from the final show here
and again here

I quietly shed a tear for the 50 song set drunken glory that is GBV...

Catch them on Austin City Limits, January 22nd, with Modest Mouse.

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