Monday, January 31, 2005

Reunited and it sounds so good

I recently posted a eulogy bands breaking up recently, so why not profile some heavyweights that have reformed recently? (Reunited playlist - tracklisting here)

The Pixies, The Buzzcocks, Mission of Burma, The Undertones, Slint, The New York Dolls, Dead Can Dance, and American Music Club have all gotten back together recently, touring and even releasing albums in most cases (crossing fingers for The Pixies and Slint.)

The trend seems to be to reform for an event. The Pixies reformed to play at Coachella last year (this year's lineup just listed!) and Slint similarly for Tomorrow's Parties next month. Meanwhile, the New York Dolls reformed at the behest of Morrissey for his UK Meltdown festival.

Listen and enjoy!

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drake leLane said...

1. "Bone Machine" - The Pixies
2. "Ever Fallen in Love?" - The Buzzcocks
3. "That's When I Reach For My Revolver - Mission of Burma
4. "Personality Crisis" - New York Dolls
5. "Teenage Kicks" - The Undertones
6. "Monkey Gone to Heaven" - The Pixies
7. "What Do I Get?" - The Buzzcocks
8. "Pills" - New York Dolls
9. "The Setup" - Mission of Burma
10. "True Confessions" - The Undertones
11. "Wave of Mutilation" - The Pixies
12. "Orgasm Addict" - The Buzzcocks
13. "Academy Fight Song" - Mission of Burma
14. "Here Comes Your Man" - The Pixies
15. "Love Your More" - The Buzzcocks
16. "Max Ernst" - Mission of Burma
17. "Looking for a Kiss" - New York Dolls
18. "Smarter Than You" - The Undertones
19. "Where is My Mind" - The Pixies