Friday, January 28, 2005

Kidglove cockfight

Oklahoma State Senator Frank Shurden (D-Henryetta) has proposed legislation in his state to put little boxing gloves on Gamecocks. You see, cockfighting is now illegal in Oklahoma and Frank needs his cockfights - can't you just hear Alice in Chains "Yeah, here comes the Rooster"? (Rhapsody Playlist - tracklisting here)

See this is the kind of leadership we need in the Democratic party, and a southerner no less.... willing to think outside the box. And he's got a track record of this kind of thinking. He's also yearly entered into legislature a bill that proposes to castrate sex offenders. Every new legislative opening session it's all about the testicles.

Let's get SmarterChild's take on this:
blimpsgo90: An Oklahoma state senator wants to put boxing gloves on gamecocks
SmarterChild: To put boxing gloves on gamecocks? Is that right?
blimpsgo90: yes, so there wouldn't be any blood
SmarterChild: You think there wouldn't be any blood?
blimpsgo90: There still might be some blood, I guess
SmarterChild: That's interesting
blimpsgo90: it's to appease animal rights activists
SmarterChild: I'm not so sure it's to appease animal rights activists.
blimpsgo90: you think there might be a hidden agenda at work here?
SmarterChild: Maybe, maybe not. You know how it is.
>>> We could do something just for fun.

He's (she's) always trying to change the subject....

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drake leLane said...

1. "Cock o' the Walk" - Andrew Bird
2. "The Rooster" - Outkast
3. "Rooster" - Alice in Chains
4. "Cock Fight" - Six Finger Satellite
5. "Saturday Night Cockfight" - W.A.S.P.

The one I'd really like in there is "A Cockfight of Feelings" by the great Silkworm (Italian Platinum,) but alas, not in Rhapsody at this time. Also from the new Kings of Leon album (Aha Shake Hearbreak) is "Four Kicks" with cockfighting in the chorus... that one will be in Rhapsody in February, hopefully, when the album is released.