Monday, February 07, 2005

Driving Mr. Manson

Kasabian is THE most hyped band out of the UK right now. Their first single "Club Foot" has just been added to Rhapsody. Listen and hear why folks are comparing them to Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and The Stone Roses. You can also see the video here.

They take their name from the getaway driver (and star prosecution witness, Linda Kasabian) of serial killer Charles Manson. Incidentally it is also the Armenian term for "butcher".

Will probably make a big splash here, given it and indie rock's momentum right now, and the ingenious revolutionary-style logo but I think most of the hype is a bit misplaced. It's certainly fun, the Monday's like acid-grooves with some Primal Scream punch, but it's not nearly as dangerous as their name and logo would have you think.

Their self-titled debut comes out March 8, 2005.

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