Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Jayhawks throw in the towel

The Jayhawks decide to call it quits. Here's a playlist of some of their best songs.

Gary Louris made it official yesterday with news that it's over for the alt-country pioneers. Louris made the announcement in the midst of a sort of Jayhawks reunion, playing a tour with Mark Olsen, former member and co-founder of the band.

The Jayhawks helped usher in the 'No Depression' movement, ahead of Uncle Tupelo, and were famous for their Everly Brothers-like honey harmonies over Gram Parsons influenced country rock stylings. After a spotty but promising debut album, they released two landmark recordings in Hollywood Town Hall and Tomorrow the Green Grass. Following these critically acclaimed works, Mark Olsen left the group to play with his new wife Victoria Williams and formed the Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers. Gary Louris trudged on with the remaining members for three more albums, but The Jayhawks never again reached the greatness they had with Olsen in the fold.

So what's next for Louris? He recently co-wrote some songs with the Dixie Chicks, will finish current tour with Mark Olsen and then look to maybe work behind the scenes more (producing, writing.)


drake leLane said...

The Jayhawks
"Blue" - The Jayhawks
"Waiting For The Sun" - The Jayhawks
"I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - The Jayhawks
"Save It For A Rainy Day" - The Jayhawks
"It's Up To You" - The Jayhawks
"Two Angels" - The Jayhawks
"I'd Run Away" - The Jayhawks
"Take Me With You (When You Go)" - The Jayhawks
"Big Star" - The Jayhawks
"Stumbling Through The Dark" - The Jayhawks
"Smile" - The Jayhawks
"Five Cups Of Coffee" - The Jayhawks
"Bad Time" - The Jayhawks
"Crowded In The Wings" - The Jayhawks
"The Man Who Loved Life" - The Jayhawks
"What Led Me To This Town" - The Jayhawks
"Tailspin" - The Jayhawks
"See Him On The Street" - The Jayhawks

Anonymous said...

I saw Gary and Mark last night at the Somervile Theater and the show had bright spots, but they left a lot of great old material unplayed and threw in two lame anti-Bush songs plus one anti-Rumsfeld song!?! A real let down compared to last year's tour with MS & the Thorns - I consider myself lucky to have caught 2 of those shows.

drake leLane said...

It sounds like they're having so much fun that Gary Louris has upgraded the Jayhawks condition from 'I'd say it's dead' to something with at least a pulse.