Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The lineup was announced yesterday, and my if it doesn't seem like Coachella's long lost younger, smallerish cousin from the North. The festival takes place Memorial Day weekend (May 28-29) at the Gorge in Central Washington, but music just happens the first day. I guess more camping and other illicit activities the second day?

The stellar lineup includes: The Pixies, Kanye West, Modest Mouse, The Arcade Fire, Ray Lamontagne, Bloc Party, Joanna Newsom, the Frames and more. Here's a playlist of most of the artists (I chose live tracks whenever possible - 5 out of 14.)

My hope is by that time my parents (are you reading this Tom?) can babysit the soon-to-arrive-bundle-of-music-listening joy and we can cavort with the other smelly festival goers for the day. Having grown up an hour away from the Gorge, it's hard to turn down festival like this even when it seems like the middle of nowhere (and, yes, it is the geographic center of all that is nowhere.)

The wonderful KEXP is no longer the radio sponsor, instead it's Seattle's conglomerate hacks KNDD (The End) and KMTT (The Mountain) which says something about how far this we call 'indie' rock has swung to commercialization.


drake leLane said...

Sasquatch 2005
"Hey - (Live)" - The Pixies
"3rd Planet (Live)" - Modest Mouse
"The New Workout Plan (Live)" - Kanye West
"I Must Be High (Live)" - Wilco
"Hold You In My Arms" - Ray Lamontagne
"They" - Jem
"She's Hearing Voices" - Bloc Party
"Fake" - The Frames
"Strange Bird" - Bobby Bare Jr.
"The Littlest Birds" - The Be Good Tanyas
"Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live)" - Marco Benevento & Joe Russo
"On The Table" - A.C. Newman
"Vaxxine" - Visqueen
"Post Rock & Slightly Seasoned" - Aqueduct

drake leLane said...

btw - I got my tix, but blast to those extra charges tacked on. $9 convenience charge per ticket? 'Zat?
Well, I can think of a better one day lineup (take that Coachella!) The only way to top it is to add Kings of Leon , Mars Volta and maybe The Doves and it would be my early 2005 ultimate dream show.