Friday, March 04, 2005

Giantess Britney swallows Kabbalah

It's Friday, can I get a Challah?

Giantess Britney - This is from an interesting photoshop project called Celebrities Giantess. Yo, big-up your favorite celebs, g.

Today Britney Spears posted a message on her official website claiming Kabbalah has turned her life around. This comes on the heals of getting a Kabbalah tatoo, her second attempt at heebing her jeebies (first tatt turned out to be a false prophet.) I'd say her spirituality is like her tattoos, only skin deep - otherwise she'd know Judaism has traditionally forbidden tattoos of any kind; the view being that "the human body, as conceived by God is beautiful enough, and does not require such adornments." Nor, exposing of the midriff, but it's fun to look at anyway. Especially on Giantess Britney!

Here's her latest single (Rhapsody link,) for what it's worth...

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