Thursday, March 03, 2005

What the Rooster said to Bono

Rolling Stone article on Kings of Leon reveals lead singer Caleb Followill's fears (going bald, going limp, talking to Bono,) and his drug-induced-alter-ego ('The Rooster'.)
As the band prepares to go on tour with U2 in late March, he is even more acutely aware of the potential havoc his alter ego could wreak. "I gotta get my politics figured," Caleb says, noting Bono's reputation as a seasoned activist. "Because I know they're gonna ask me a loaded question...."
Meanwhile, along w/ the big tour, the wave of press is starting to flow in. Get the album Aha Shake Heartbreak now, before it's on The O.C. and no longer feels as good to listen to.

Or just listen to it here.

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