Monday, April 11, 2005

Bring back that LeRoy Brown

Well, I'm back after a wonderful week of celebrating the life of the late great LeRoy Brown, my larger than life grandfather.

I thought I'd post some great photos from his past. While viewing, listen to this playlist of some of his favorites (and some I think he'd get a kick out of.)

To the right here is a shot of him at age 17, in the sheep herding fields outside Bynum, MT. Looks ready to take on anyone, and prolly could.

And here's one a few years later, in his suit next to an old Model A, after moving to Whitefish, MT.

Now, this is quite a look... I feel like he's got an old machine gun hidden in that jacket somewhere, exept he's too darn thin to even hide a pencil.

He and his brothers Art and Jonn used to lay down some cash when they walked into a bar to cover damages before they even sat down. There are some great stories, and not all (but most) involve bar fights.

Brown-Wood Wedding '42
Originally uploaded by Drake LeLane.
After moving to Stumptown (Whitefish, MT.) he was tamed by a good Catholic girl (Winifred Wood) who took him on instead of becoming a nun. They married in '42.

In '44 he started working on the railroad (Great Northern) where he worked until retiring in '84.

Grandpa Brown was pretty proficient at so many instruments, it was pretty amazing. The accordion, the harmonica, the guitar and the fiddle to name a few I remember. He left me his harmonica, Hawaiian lap steel, and his father's fiddle, and I will treasure them always.


drake leLane said...

"Good Enough For Granddad" - Squirrel Nut Zippers
"Our Last Goodbye" - The Stanley Brothers
"Big Frieght Train Carry Me Home" - Boxcar Willie
"I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers" - Ralph Stanley & The Clinch...
"Orange Blossom Special" - Johnny Cash
"Goodbye Old Pal" - Bill Monroe & Bluegrass Boys
"The Last Steam Engine Train" - John Fahey
"Farewell Blues" - Flatt & Scruggs
"I'll See You In My Dreams" - Django Reinhardt
"Freight Train Blues" - Roy Acuff
"Mad Mrs. Leroy Brown" - Loretta Lynn
"Bring Back That Leroy Brown" - Queen

J Shifty said...

Thanks. This is a well-assembled, evocative tribute of a playlist.

I can't believe I've gotten this far in life without hearing John Fahey before. I think I've got alot of fine listening to catch up on.