Saturday, April 16, 2005

Life Happens

It's been awhile since I regularly posted and I have to admit it's hard to get back into the groove.

I've been putting together plenty of playlists, and observing all sorts of nonsense and not doing anything about it. It hasn't felt right.

I mean, what postings are appropriate after mourning a loved one? When my sister died back in January, I took some time off and then posted about death everyday for a week or so. Can't pick at the scab like that again... so consider this the transition post. I'm declaring myself a sh*tstorm blog vet and this is the manual I'm working from.

"That's Life"


Amanda said...

Blogging adds a whole new dimension to the events of our lives, doesn't it?

Josh Rouse - "Life"

Mark said...

Wow...some weird synchronicity going on. Here is how it goes...

Amanda mentioned Martha Wainwright in her post the other day.

It made me think about and pull out an old Loudon CD called 'History' with some great songs about family relationships, including one about his rocky relationship with teenaged-Rufus (my fathers middle name and grandfathers name by the way).

There is also a very touching song about his sister - which also reminds me of another song by Dan Bern about his sister.

This made me think about blogging about my sister.

My sister, who was about 20 years older than me died last year. Music was a big part of her life, she was professional for a while in her 20s and 30s and even had a songwriting contract back in the 60s. In fact Lesley Gore recorded one of her songs. She had a great voice (as does everyone in my family except for me).

I have an old Vinyl demo of hers from the 60's and I was thinking about trying to convert it to MP3 and putting it on my site. This is what I am thinking about yesterday.

Amanda and I exchanged a couple of emails today on music and she mentioned your blog. I read your post and it gave me a chill.

Here is the weird part, 'That's Life' is one of the songs my sister sang on the vinyl demo and the one I would like to put up on my site...the one I was thinking about yesterday.

When I saw you link to that song I nearly fell out of my chair.

drake leLane said...

If the web has done nothing it's at least shown us that we are all connected in some way, be the lines slack or taut.

I'd be interested hearing your sister's recordings when you get them up.

drake leLane said...

In further synchronicity, I just posted a playlist with Rufus Wainwright in it (Jon Brion playlist.)

And... I just ran across a great article on the Wainwrights Friday in the UK's Guardian.

Apparently Loudon, Martha and Rufus are all touring the UK at the same time (not together - although both Martha and Rufus will be playing Glastonbury) in support of their new albums.

Some great stories on their feuds. My favorite is the Loudon song "Rufus is a Tit Man" regarding his jealousy of his infant son. Lyrics:
So put Rufus on the left one and put me right on the right,
And like Romulus and Remus we'll suck all night.

mark said...

I will let you know. I never even knew the version you posted, it was quite good.

I saw Loudon for the first time a few months ago. He is so much fun..a truly original personality.

And he did the Rufus song. I think he talked about having performed it with Rufus, but maybe I heard that somewhere else.
I saw him in this great small cofee house in Berkeley called the Freight and Salvage where you can see all sorts of acts in an intimate setting. It is so personal I come away feeling a very close connection to whoever I see there.