Monday, June 13, 2005

Jacko acquitted - celebrates with big sleepover

Michael Jackson
Jacko Acquited

As you prolly already know, the Michael Jackson verdict came in not-guilty on all ten counts. Not even on the count of Jesus Juice. Neverland's back open for business, so bring your kids!

So far the aftermath seems to have the victims on trial in the court of opinion... I know they weren't exactly the most credible witnesses, but it's pretty sad to see this bandwagon streamroll right on through with the questions being asked to the prosecutor.

Crazy Michael Jackson fan
Ok, so even if Jackson's not guilty, his fans are certainly guilty of being absolutely NUTS.

Just what in the world is this dude thinking? Er... Michael's innocent, so I'm gonna wear this green alien costume so he knows that we're all with him. This is obvioisly a fan of Michael's later work.

And this was before the verdict... things only got more and more batshit after that.

Crazy Michael Jackson fan
This MJ fan is single, a gemini, and he's SO FREAKIN' PUMPED THAT MICHAEL'S NOT GUILTY... FUCK YEAAHHH!

This is a fan of Michael's earlier work.
Crazy Michael Jackson fan
This woman decided it was appropriate to release a dove in honor of Michael Jackson's freedom. Wasn't there some dove flying in one of Michael's videos? I wonder what she would've done if Michael would've been found guilty. I'm imagining that she'd bit the head off of one and started ripping the feathers off, using the bird's blood to paint her face in a tribal pattern... but again, that's just me imagining.

Clearly, though, she's a fan of Michael's all-empowering essence and spirit he inhabits here on earth.



drake leLane said...

Jacko acquited

* "Beat It" - Michael Jackson
* "One More Chance" - The Jackson 5
* "Unbreakable" - Michael Jackson
* "Smooth Criminal" - Michael Jackson
* "State Of Shock" - The Jacksons
* "Hallelujah Day" - The Jackson 5

Dylan (That One Guy) McDonnell said...

GOOD BLOG man...wish I would have thought about it

Anonymous said...

What about MJ's "Bad"?