Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Maserati Does 185

Entourage - Ep. 10

Day late and dollar short on this one. Here's the full tracklisting and the scenario each song is backing.

(Spoiler) When we last left the boys, E was hard up after three months in NY away from the his evil squeeze Kristen, who's mysteriously discovered a chastity belt and has been cock-blocking our hero. With Evil K's promise of the down and dirty if he books the most expensive hotel in LA for a night, E's nervous with anticipation... but a last minute excuse of a sudden case of food poisoning has the peanut gallery thinking her donut's getting glazed at some other bakery, much to the protest (ie, blind eye) of E. Meanwhile, at a Laker game, Vince has decided to humor Ari and look at the Aquaman script ("it's Spider-man, only underwater!") Drama creepily admires Lamar Odom's calves and the gang runs into Jaime Pressley, who invites them all to a beach party at her pad (Ari begs off: "I can't... it's anal sex night. I gotta go home and punish the wife.") At the party E mopes, Drama continues to walk the homoerotic line, Vince pretends to be interested in doing Jaime's MS telethon for dogs, and Turtle's gaming E's manager role for some honey. E's had enough and wants to leave when Jaime hooks him up with a Perfect 10 model (played by Aussie Holly Valance.) E grudgingly follows through on her advances and his expensive hotel room is put to use, thank goodness. E feels guilty, buys expensive jewelry and plans to confess to evil K much to the protests of the peanut gallery, but evil K trumps him confessing her donut was in fact being glazed making his exit almost triumphant. "I fucked a Perfect 10 model last night in our hotel room..." says E, then starts to walk away, thinks twice and comes back with "..oh yeah... and then I fucked her again this morning!" E returns the jewelry and gets the sales lady's digits.... the peanut gallery cheers - fade to black.


Let's Hug it Out, Bitch

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Episode 10

* "Don't Joke With A Hungry Man " - Quantic
* "Hey Bitty" - Nitty
* "Incredible Feelin' (Radio Edit)" - Slim Thug
* "Show Out" - Akon
* "Slow Hands" - Interpol
* "Dare" - Gorillaz
* "All Right Now" - Free