Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Six Feet Under: Episode 54

Soundtrack for Six Feet Under ep. 54

I didn't want to let the 'Six Feet Under' feature lapse while I'm on duty this week. Only problem is that I don't watch the show. I've seen bits and pieces of a couple episodes, and it's not like I didn't enjoy it. I'm just lazy and usually end up watching sports on Sunday night. Since the show is on Monday nights this season, it seemed like a good time for my first start-to-finish episode viewing. Seeing how this is the final season, I guess I'm a little late to the dance. So, even though I'm not qualified to recap the show with much insight, I'm going to do my best.

Episode 54 starts in the past, George as a boy having a bad day. Mom won't let him go to school (and he likes school), and then she burns the bologna and Velveeta to boot. Can things get worse? Unfortunately, there's a bottle of pills on the kitchen table, and it appears this is the last bologna sandwich mom's going to make for little George. The memory is enough to make grown-up George crash the downstairs funeral in his bathrobe.

It looks like Claire's boyfriend, Billy, is off his medication. I don't need a lot of story background to spot these symptoms, namely the unbridled enthusiasm, incessant talking, and obsession with travel (What? No shopping spree?). Claire is into it, at least for now. Spain is on the itinerary.

Keith and David's plans for adoption are derailed because, apparently, what happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. Their hopes of having a family appear in jeopardy, and the stress is taking a toll on their relationship. But they work things out and decide to go the surrogate route.

Nate eats a garden burger in the car, and Brenda asks him to try to make it home for dinner once in a while. Brenda's having a tough time with her patients, even being thrown against a wall by one fellow who seems to need some of Billy's meds. Later, Nate meets George's daughter Maggie. They certainly make an emotional connection, bound by the losses in their lives. A lingering gaze ensues.

As for Rico, he has a romantic encounter at a funeral director's conference. Well, at least he meets Angela at the conference. The gettin' busy part of the encounter takes place at the Quality Inn. A bag of Fritos from the vending machine ups the romance quotient. After they've partaken of the corn chip treat, Angela says, "At least we'll both have gas."

Aha! The shopping spree. After Claire's credit card is declined (mom has cut her off), Billy springs for a camera. Ah, hell, let's make it two cameras, a microscope and a pair of leather pants. As the espisode comes to a close, Keith and David meet a potential surrogate who almost seems too good to be true. Meanwhile, Ruth finds half a sandwich and some produce in George's pants pockets. Soon after, George begs Maggie to take him in for a round of shock treatment. Finally, Nate makes it home for dinner. And no, Brenda doesn't find a garden burger in his pants pocket.

As for the soundtrack, I apologize for the slim selection. Of the nine songs listed on the HBO site, I could only find three (make that four) on Rhapsody.

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drake leLane said...

Great commentary! I finally got to see the episode last night and this is funny as hell. Melodrama as addictive as this just begs for comedic dissection like this. Bravo!

I'm realizing the bar's been raised as I try to write the next recap ;)

drake leLane said...

Six Feet Under Ep 54

* "Tennessee Waltz" - Patti Page
* "Breakdown" - Handsome Boy Modeling School
* "Filthy/Gorgeous" - Scissor Sisters
* "Monkey Man" - The Specials