Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Too ugly for this world

G.G. Allin was truly ugly

Another Robert of the Radish challenge for BlogCritics: Who do you think the ugliest musician/band ever to walk the planet is and why?

Easily, for me, it's G.G. Allin - ugly personified. He really really made himself ugly, to reflect the world as he saw it. He was born Jesus Christ Allin, as his father was supposedly visited by an angel who told him to name his unborn son with this name. His brother couldn't pronounce it and called him "G.G." and his mother renamed him Kevin Michael before he started school. But G.G. came back to the Jesus Christ moniker, honestly seeing himself as a savior for rock and roll. He played sloppy punk rock, starting with Iggy Pop's persona with the Stooges and taking it to an extreme never before seen. He cut gashes into his face and body, urinated and deficated on the stage, and threw feces at the crowd. Understandably, he was arrested several times, often not getting more then a couple songs into a set before cops would shut it down.

His biggest stunt was going to be committing suicide on stage, but he was put in jail for an extended period of time to prevent him from this 'accomplishment.' In the end, he died of a heroin overdose a friend's New York City apartment after escaping, totally nude, from a nearby show that had been raided by the police.

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drake leLane said...

G.G. Allin was ugly

* "Radio Ad For GG's 1st Record " - G.G. Allin
* "Assface" - G.G. Allin
* "Castration Crucifixion" - G.G. Allin
* "1980's Rock'n'Roll" - G.G. Allin
* "Expose Yourself to Kids" - G.G. Allin
* "Bite It You Scum" - G.G. Allin
* "Don't Talk To Me" - G.G. Allin
* "Sluts In The City" - G.G. Allin
* "Interview From Prison" - G.G. Allin

Andrew said...

He is one ugly dude -- and some of the song titles he came up with ain't too pretty, either.


drake leLane said...

Yes, he certainly made sure to never 'mature' as an artist.