Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Headed for a Gigli

Entourage Ep. 19

Only four songs this week, but prolly the best quality of selections...evah. Lyrics Born, Citizen Cope, M.I.A. & Beck... are you kidding me? Is KEXP programming the soundtrack for Entourage?

So this week, the cat's out of the bag as Page 6 has outted Vince and Mandy Moore's relationship. Since Mandy was engaged, Ari and Shauna know on-screen romances are bad for business, and want to make sure that Aquaman doesn't become this year's Gigli. Vince can't help himself, though, and freely admits he's head over heels... he just can't help himself.

They all go out to lunch at a deli and Drama & Turtle keep their conversation to a minimum (Drama, proudly: "I'm working on an MOW with Brooke Shields," Turtle: "I'm working hard.") Mandy, while E's tasked with making sure there's no PDA's.

Things escalate with Terrance's poaching of Vince as a client from Ari, and Ari gives Vince a valuable painting off his wall (Niche art, get it?) But is it really valuable? Thanks to a tip from Terrance, E finds out it's prolly a fake (and his wife's fine automobile is a 500, not a 600.) Ari scrambles and switches out the real Niche for E, so Vince can give it to Mandy as (too expensive of) a birthday gift. E's relationship with Terrance's daughter, Sloan, starts to escalate, which sets up another problem for Ari's plight.

Meanwhile, Drama's got his MOW with Brooke Shields, and is quite enamored with his co-star. Too bad she's married to one of the writers (and, in an Entourage special twist, is married to Entourage writer and co-producer Chris Henchy.) When they film their first scene together, their characters (who are brother and sister) have to hug, and Drama's visions of The Blue Lagoon sends some unwanted wood. Brooke quietly complains to Timothy Busfield about how stiff Drama's performance is, and Drama is shown his papers.

The gang all goes out for a birthday party for her at one of Terrence's restaraunts. Drama and Turtle have warmed up a bit (Drama: "I got fired from my MOW!" Turtle: "I've never even had a job!") Drama gives her Viking Quest on DVD (Turtle "That's from me, too.") Mandy glows over the attention and is happy to see them all as a family again.

Full tracklisting with scene descriptions

That's Hebrew for 'When do you get off?' (Episode 19)
Comic-consies (Episode 18)
Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite (Episode 16)
Cross-sword traffic (Episode 15)
Crouching Turtle, hidden Drama (Episode 14)
More Bob Saget on drugs (Episode 13)
Bring out the suit (Episode 11 & 12)
My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Episode 19

* "Que' Onda Guero" - Beck
* "Bullet and a Target" - Citizen Cope
* "10 Dollar" - M.I.A.
* "I Changed My Mind - (rattlesnake mix)" - Lyrics Born