Monday, June 27, 2005

Bring out the suit

Entourage Ep 11-12

I missed last weeks, so we get a two-fer. Episode 11 has the distinction of having the most songs in any half-hour show I've catalogued (so far.) They packed in 15 songs in their 23 minutes of HBO goodness. And since there's only five songs in episode 12 it's good to combine the two.

Episode 11 has the boys primed for a party at the Playboy Mansion... problem is, Drama is barred for life there because of some drunken mishap with the monkey cages, so he calls on his drinking buddy that night some ten years ago (as he refers to it "the Melrose Place years" - E replies "don't you mean the Melrose Months?") Seems Drama remembers it was Ralph Macchio who released the monkeys, with a Karate Kid move. Jose Cuervo doesn't do much for memory, though, and Karate Kid tells him it wasn't him - beat it or get karate kicked to the curb. Vince finally meets with the producers of "Aquaman" and when they present "The Suit," he's convinced he's not doing it. The thing is... the boys have to find a new place and Vince wants to buy. After finding out a million dollars doesn't buy much in Hollywood, he rethinks his "Aquaman" stance. A Real Estate agent shows the boys Marlon Brando's old place, and E reminds Vince that Brando was in "Superman." The 4 Mill price tag doesn't bother Vince and he takes the house. Drama's unable to convice Karate Kid to fess up to the great Playboy monkey escape so he tries to sneak in to the party via the Masarati trunk - and gets caught. While at the party, Turtle finds a way to sneak Drama in (through the imfamous monkey cages) and Drama is in and makes a beeline for Karate Kid. They cause a raucaus and Hefner threatens to throw them both out when they both remember that it was Pauly Shore who let the monkeys out those many years ago. Shore is then kicked out, officially a has-been. Vince's long time accountant calls and informs Vince that he can't afford the house, so "Aquaman" beckons and Vince accepts as long as he gets 'final suit approval.'

Episode 12 finds Vince spending big bucks financing the decorating of his new mansion, believing all the while that he's going to be making mint on Aquaman. Drama decides he needs calf implants and tries to get the money for it by boxing Chris Penn, who knocks him out and leaves him with one piece of advice: "Ask your brother for it." Wonder if that advice comes from experience? E finds out that "Queens Blvd." has been accepted at Sundance and celebration is planned. Vince's "Aquaman" contract is in limbo and Ari and E are worried. E finds out that James Cameron has signed on and he and Ari flip out thinking that Vince could be out as a result. A phone call from the inside (an old affair, apparently - remembering it to be Cabo, she reminds him "it was a Red Roof Inn in Rosario") assures Ari that Vince is their boy. Everyone breaths a sigh of relief as the expenses rack up. They go out to celebrate their Sundance entry with 'creepy indie director' ("hello suit, suit, another suit, hello lady suit") and an employee at the club informs Vince that they can move to a bigger room because Leo's not using it. Apparently Mr. DiCaprio is in France discussing a movie with James Cameron. Cue knuckle biting.

Full Tracklistings:
Episode 11 - Aquamansion
Episode 12 - An Offer Refused

My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9)


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drake leLane said...

Entourage Ep 11-12

* "1 Thing" - Amerie
* "Pistol Of Fire" - Kings Of Leon
* "Breakfast Club" - Z-trip
* "Little Sister" - Queens Of The Stone Age
* "How We Do " - The Game with 50 Cent
* "This Fire" - Franz Ferdinand
* "Sunrise" - Guerilla Black
* "Stayin' Alive" - The Bee Gees
* "Express Yourself" - Charles Wright & The Watts...
* "Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) - (single version)" - The Gap Band
* "Baby, I Love You" - Aretha Franklin
* "Bring Em Out" - T.I.
* "And Then What" - Young Jeezy
* "Aganju" - Bebel Gilberto
* "Pon de Replay" - Rihanna
* "I'll Be" - Foxy Brown