Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hardwood hangover

Hardwood Hangover

I missed last night's Six Feet Under episode... I know, it's three weeks in a row that I've missed the mark (thanks to Dallas last week for covering for me.)

But last night was my basketball team's playoffs and we won the championship, so you have to give me that. I missed the whole season to take time to be a new dad (and to attend a parent support group every Monday night - a night which coincides with our basketball league games.) But I got the night off to play with the team, because thankfully my wife likes basketball ("She Likes Basketball") - don't think I'd get it off for baseball and certainly not football. My shot is off, but I can still Play some D, y'all... it's always fun to win a league championship (our third in a row after eight years of almost and not close.)

Memory, soreness, a few bruises, a scraped knee, and a mild hangover today is all I've got to show for it, but thought I'd share nonetheless.

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drake leLane said...

Hardwood Hangover

* "Dribbling Basketball" - Unknown
* "She Likes Basketball" -
* "Play Some D" - Brassy
* "Basketball Jones" - Cheech and Chong
* "We Are The Champions" - Queen
* "Playing A Little Basketball" - Mission Man
* "Winner Takes All" - The Isley Brothers
* "Basketball" - Kurtis Blow
* "The Invention Of Basketball" - Bill Cosby