Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite

Entourage Ep 16

This week, we find out more about the brothers Chase... Vince is more then human (he makes mix-tapes for girls.)

Before that though, Ari has two magic envelopes for Vince... one is a check for $2mill, the other is a list of Hollywood actresses. Now that Vince is in as Aquaman, James Cameron wants to have Vince to be part of choosing who Aquagirl will be. (Having an aquagirl has got to be a little jab at the Batman series at it's lowest point.) Cameron's shortlist includes the usual suspects, Jennifer Garner (she's out - she's engaged,) Mandy Moore... eyebrows raised all-around. E's intrigued, but the rest not so much. Turns out Vince and Mandy dated years ago and haven't even said hello since. Vince shrugs it off, so E's not worried. Vince has a surprise for the gang as they drive out to Malibu - Jessica Alba's beach house is all their's while she filming Fantastic Four. All they have to do is watch her cats.

Meanwhile Ari's getting primped for his time in the limelight - he's been chosen as #9 on a list of Hollywood's hottest under 40. Just one problem, though. Turns out he's turning 40 in a few days, and is ineligible. In a real world confluence, Jeremy Piven (who plays 'Ari') turns 40 today (July 26th.) Happy birthday Jeremy ("You've got Gold!") Turns out he was ratted out by his old assistant, Josh Weinstein, which now makes the score Josh 3, Ari 0. I have a feeling Ari's going to put some hurt on Josh's scene before season 2 is completed.

The gang goes grocery shopping in Malibu and Turtle is distraught to see there's no Fruit Loops to be found... except in Dr. Joyce Brothers' cart. So Drama distracts the famous psychologist while Turtle steals the goods. While Vince is talking to a fan, E finds out from Turtle that Mandy crushed Vince (E - "How bad could it have been?" Turtle - "He was stalking her... he even made a mix-tape for her!" E - "Oh my God!" Turtle - "I'm telling you, Mandy Moore is Aquaman's kryptonite.") Drama gets a call for an audition for a Hallmark Movie of the Week (w/ Joe Mantegna,) but he's got to get there in 2 hours, so he and Turtle jet back ASAP. E gets a call from Ari and apparently Mandy is Cameron's top choice, but it's come up that they had to shut down the set of "A Walk to Remember" for two days because of Vince. E confronts Vince on the subject, shrugging off the movie set fiasco, only owning up when E brings up the mix-tape ("Ok, yes I made a mix-tape... but I didn't send it.) It's funny that making a mix-tape is far more criminal here then stalking. E and Vince get ready for their diving lessons with an ex-Navy SEAL who does nothing to squash E's fear of diving and sharks ("There's nothing to be afraid of, I can revive anyone... well, there was one guy that didn't make it, but that was the Antarctic.")

Drama makes it, barely, to the audition, and writer Larry Charles is there again (episode 6 - does he look intimidating or what?) as well as the blackberry dude who made Drama have a fit before. This time Drama holds it together, though... at least for the audition. On the way back, a surfer (or as Turtle calls him "Point Break") rides his convertible PT Cruiser on their ass and Drama gives Point Break some lip as he passes which makes him stop and get out. Turtle calms Drama down enough that it looks like it will blow over until Point Break says says "Dude, didn't I see you on some tv show... like some 20 fu*kin' years ago!" and spits on their car. Turtle tells him "Go do it." Drama grabs a golf club from the back and proceeds to go Jack Nicholson on the cruiser until Turtle answers Drama's phone and finds out he got the part. Drama stops and raises his arms in triumph, just in time for cops to grab them, cuff him, and toss him in the car, while Drama continues to smile and celebrate his win.

While E and Vince bail Drama out, Ari calls and says that Mandy Moore wants to meet with Vince before taking the part, to make sure it's not awkward. Vince says no problem, as she's got a serious boyfriend anyway. Turtle, however, is sure she's single now which makes Vince, for the first time in the series, insecure and nervous about the date, giving a side not seen yet in the show. The gang has to sit and wait outside in the car while he dines with Mandy (Turtle to E "how do you like being manager now?") It is awkward and we find out that Vince proposed to Mandy some five years ago while they were filming A Walk to Remember, playing with our time and sensibility (Moore was like, 16 then?) Mandy reveals that she's engaged to be married and we jump to Vince telling E "It is awkward. Let's get her off the movie." Kryptonite indeed.

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Entourage Episode 16

* "Complete Control" - The Clash
* "A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)" - Elvis Presley
* "Break Stuff" - Limp Bizkit
* "I Love L.A." - Jessika Quynn Reynolds
* "Dreams" - The Game
* "Victim Of Love" - The Eagles

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