Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More Bob Saget on drugs

Entourage Ep. 13
bonus: Entourage Season 1

Lots of hip-hop you don't stop in this week's episode...and only 5 songs (5 for 5 in the Rhapslibrary though!) - so I've added a bonus playlist of the entire first season. I'd been holding on to that one for just such occasion.

This week finds Vince on the cover of Variety magazine (Ari: "It's like a high school paper... writers get paid $28k a year to write about the popular kids.") Problem is, they're calling him Aquaman when he's really just canned tuna right now as the offer has yet to come in. We get to meet the gang's new neighbors right off - first is the luscious Stacy (played by Johanna Black) from next door, who appears too good to be true, and Bob Saget, who arrives bringing a muffin basket and a box set of "Full House" on DVD (Vince: "Alright, who the fu*k was that guy?") Ari bluffs a blackmail to Dana Gordon ("...I'm creating a website called ImAHollywoodExecutiveWhore.com, you won't need a password to get in") to get a callback. The gang goes to studio for some last minute vocal dubs on Queens Blvd. We get a glimpse of the pretensious flick, copping B&W feel of Mean Streets (Vince's character's last words: "I am Queens Boulevard.") Here, while Vince is occupied, E breaks it to the peanut gallery that they're broke... underwater with no Aquaman to save them. The gang goes out to lunch, to discuss Turtle's cold streak (ain't gettin' any - Ari to Turtle: "You could go wrapped in bearer bonds and still not get laid.") The peanut gallery reaches for the check, tipping off Vince that something's wrong. E breaks it to Vince that he may not be Aquaman and despite also learning DiCaprio is out of the picture, Vince loses his permanent cool, leaving E and Ari scrambling to get director James Cameron on the Vince bandwagon. Ari runs into imahollywoodexecutivewhore.com star Dana picking up her kid from school (Ari tosses his to his wife when he sees her,) and through some cojoling convinces Dana to get the principals (Cameron, Vince) together in a room. Meanwhile, E goes to last season's fling, Emily, who is Cameron's assistant (isn't that convenient for plot?) A coffee later and Cameron has agreed to screen Queens which is good, but is it? As a result, Cameron won't meet with Vince until he screens Queens. Cue Ari scream. Vince, Drama and hard-up Turtle head over to neighbor Stacy's mansion and find themselves kids in a candy store, with hottie after hottie prancing around the pool in bikinis. Vince learns from Bob Saget that he's in a brothel ("I've got a house account!") and that his Stacy is the madame. Madame feels bad so comps are in for Drama and Turtle, who are smoking from a bong with Saget ("the nineties were fuzzy from all the cocaine...," long inhale, "...but I'm clean now, right?") [The Saget as drug-abuser joke might be stale (see Half-Baked and "Rolling With Saget") but I'm still laughing at it.] After telling the gang that Cameron is going to screen Queens, he meets slimy indie director to tell him the good news. He's extremely pleased until he hears E wants to send him a print. "No one sees my movie before Sundance. He can stand in line in the snow like everyone else!" It just got chilly in here.

Bob Saget raps! (via stereogum)

Bring out the suit (Episode 11 & 12)
My Maserati Does 185 (Episode 10)
Let's Hug It Out, Bitch (Episode 9)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage Ep. 13

* "Street Life" - C-Bo
* "Tigerbeat" - Ursula 1000
* "Big Pimpin'" - Jay-Z
* "Freak Though" - T.I. feat. Pharrell
* "Where Ya Going?" - Gomez


Entourage Season 1

* "SuperHero" - Jane's Addiction
* "Bang Bang Boom" - Drag-On
* "Rocky Mountain Way" - Joe Walsh
* "Eminence Front" - The Who
* "Hey Ya!" - Outkast
* "Hey Mama" - Black Eyed Peas
* "Wanna Get To Know You" - G-Unit
* "Cold Hard Bitch" - Jet
* "Lucifer" - Jay-Z
* "I Don't Care" - Grafh
* "Work" - Gang Starr
* "99 Problems" - Jay-Z
* "Darts Of Pleasure" - Franz Ferdinand
* "Beautiful (Featuring Pharrell, Unncle Charlie Wilson)" - Snoop Dogg
* "Guajira (I Love U 2 Much)" - Yerba Buena
* "Headsprung" - Ll Cool J
* "Southbound" - The Allman Brothers Band
* "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand
* "Red Morning Light" - Kings Of Leon
* "Jimmy Mathis" - Bubba Sparxxx
* "Born Too Slow" - The Crystal Method
* "Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke)" - Panjabi MC
* "Toxic" - Britney Spears
* "Storm" - Lenny Kravitz
* "The Boogie That Be" - Black Eyed Peas
* "Got Your Money" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
* "1st Things 1st" - Phantom Planet
* "Soundz Of The Des" - Panjabi MC
* "Honey (Funky Lowlives Dub)" - Tosca
* "This Is How I Feel" - Finley Quaye
* "Still Is Still Moving To Me - (featuring Willie Nelson)" - Toots & The Maytals
* "Tiny Little Fractures" - Snow Patrol
* "Bring The Pain" - Method Man
* "Don't Say Nuthin'" - The Roots
* "Peace Frog" - The Doors
* "That Smell" - Lynyrd Skynyrd
* "Run Through The Jungle" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
* "Twist Of Cain" - Danzig
* "Walk With Me" - Felix Da Housecat
* "Real Emotions" - Los Lonely Boys
* "Empty Arms" - Stevie Ray Vaughan
* "Heaven" - Los Lonely Boys
* "Inside Of Love" - Nada Surf
* "Rise Or Fall" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* "Funk #49" - The James Gang