Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Do you want to touch it?

Six Feet Under Ep. 62

This week's soundtrack utilizes a couple of the exclusive tracks from Interpol and The Arcade Fire that appeared on the recent soundtrack CD.

First up is the stiff of the week (Paul Ronald Duncan,) a triplegic soldier back from Iraq who takes his own life with help from his sister. We get a very silent commentary on the war, and the differing opinions of his mother (head in the sand) and his sister, who thinks "we're living in the worst of times."

Back to the Fisher soap opera: Nate's gone and everyone's disraveling. Nate's angel appearances to everyone are quite different, but everyone thinks what he speaks is the truth. To Claire, he's a guru... the guiding big brother she imagined he might have been had she given him a chance. Of course she sees him when she's drunk and stoned and she's been drunk and stoned pretty much every minute since Nate died 3+weeks ago (which gets her fired w/ a great kiss-off to the cubicle choir.) After screaming at her co-workers during her scorch-the-earth retreat, she screams at the family of the dead soldier, and then screams at Ted. After a touching guru moment with Nate at his gravesite ("stop listening to the static,") Claire ignores Nates advice and totals her car (the avacado Cadillac hearse.)

To Ruth, he's a loving, appreciative son... one who's thankful for every doting minute she spent on him. This helps justify her fight to take full care of Maya, and it draws George back into the mix, as he's trying for another chance to be a good dad (since he's failed miserably, according to Maggie, who tells him in a verbal send-off that makes us realize maybe she isn't so mousy after all.)

To David, he's already morphed into his abductor Jake, taking on the red hood and everything. David's getting worse and worse, scaring the boys and Keith tells him it's time for the straightjacket, or at least some sort of vacation for one. David's also freaked Rico, and sends he and 'Nessa looking at buying their own practice.

And to Brenda, Nate's her guide to Hell, directing her down the path of self-hatred. Nate tells her to that she can't handle raising a child that isn't hers, and so she gives up Maya to Ruth. Then he tells her she might as well run off with Billy, since we're all going to die, you may as well shrug off moralities and at least enjoy yourself before it happens. And, to our shock, she entertains the idea... right up to the point where they're in bed kissing and she's got a hold of her brother's member (after Billy asks her "Do you want to touch it?")- at this point we're all cringing and crying NOOOO! But, of course, it's just a dream. A sick and fu*ked-up dream. At least Brenda believes it is too and sends Billy packing so she can fetch Maya. But when she arrives at the funeral home, her water breaks and she's having Nate's baby to The Arcade Fire's "Cold Wind," which sounds both cool, and ominous.

It should be, I guess, because next week, everything ends in a - not two-hour, but 75-minute finale. I guess that's part of the beauty of pay cable, you can get that specific in your time w/o having to worry about factoring commercial time. But if we're getting specific, why not a 77 1/2 minute finale. Sort of rolls off the tongue, donit?

Full tracklisting with scene descriptions

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Six Feet Under - Ep. 62

* "Dead To The World" - Royksopp
* "Quartet No. 17, K.458 in B-Flat "Hunt" Adagio" - Guarneri Quartet
* "Direction" - Interpol
* "Cold Wind" - The Arcade Fire