Monday, July 11, 2005

The loss of the loss of virginity

Six Feet Under Ep. 57

This week's stiff is Fiona, Aunt Sarah's (the great Patricia Clarkson) friend who Nate lost his virginity to when he was 15. Sarah prods her into a hike she can't handle and falls down a hillside to her death ("yodlelodlelayheeewhooooooo,") leaving her, understandably, guilty about her death. Nate takes the loss hard, and Ruth just pretends to. She never forgave Fiona for subverting her eldest son, but it provides an excuse to advance her plan of leaving Farmer Hoggett (moving them into a new place, then leaving him there once he's established on his own.) PsychoBilly is moping about Nate and Brenda's, over-analyzing past email and AIM chat correspondence from Claire. He's got stalker written all over his face and Nate holds up a figurative mirror so he can see. Vanessa's given up and gotten an au pair from Canada who seems too good to be true. David & Keith struggle with parenting, Anthony's alright, but Durrell's a handful. David deals with it by giving praise and Playstations, while Keith gives evil eyes and pushed-in-their-room timeouts. Maybe they should've tried a puppy first. Meanwhile, the episode becomes a great excuse to get last season's guest stars (the aforementioned Clarkson, and the wonderful Kathy Bates) back together so Ruth can let her hair down and chat with sex writer Suzie Bright (who was apparently a friend of Fiona and Sarah's.) Brenda drops in, enticed by Bright's presence (and to get away from psychoBilly) and the all female ensemble (Maya included) get all Women's (Hippie) Network and laugh about having an no-male retreat. While Claire waits for her art grant to come through, she get a temp job at an office, and in 45 seconds, the show captures the cubicle office atmosphere using convenient archetypes. There's the socially inept guy who repeats catchphrases ("Yeah, Baby" and "Whassssupp?,) the nosy gossip, and there's the company kool-aid drinking pollyanna enticing her to come to the darkside (full-time) with promises of a company bathroom key. She's also listening to "You Light up My Life" and Claire has a hilarious fantasy sequence where she bursts into song singing "You Ride Up My Thighs," an ode to her hate of panty hose. Vanessa walks in on the over-friendly nanny making pancakes for a smelly homeless guy, flips (not the pancakes, but out) and sends her packing back to Canada. Maggie drops in on Farmer Hoggett's new pad and notices there's no Ruth, and nothing of Ruth's there. She calls Nate asking where her daddy's nurse (Ruth) is and Nate says she's with my wife, so... you know... my wife's not here...nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more? He hands up and minutes later who arrives but... psychoBilly. No extramarital today, Nate. Keith decides, after catching Durrell with the guts of the playstation in his hands, that they need to return the boys before his warranty expires much to the chagrin of David. The case worker comes, gives a glowing assessment and leaves in two minutes flat, leaving the boys (and their unsettled argument) with David and Keith to have for awhile longer. Claire walks in on Ruth with her doobie stash and they end up in a much needed hug (Ruth with marijuana and bong in hand.) The Womens (Hippie) Network take said contraband and go to visit Fiona, forming a circle around the corpse, smoking the bong and singing songs. Vanessa asks Rico back, doing it as coldly as Fiona is right now. Claire's grant comes in, only it's a rejection, expanding her doubt in her talents as an artist. Sarah gives her a nice little shove down the hillside of doubt as well. Ruth finally shows up at the new house, but the obvious has finally hit Farmer Hoggett in his crazy head and he tells Ruth she can go.

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drake leLane said...

Six Feet Under - Ep 57

* "Brick House" - The Commodores
* "You Light Up My life" - Johnny Mathis
* "Show Some Emotion" - Joan Armatrading
* "Calling All Angels" - Jane Siberry

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