Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life is not a vending machine

Soundtrack for Six Feet Under Ep 55

What the fuck is this bird doing here?I guess now that they know it's the last season the writers for HBO's Six Feet Under can send their characters spiraling down with wild abandon.

This week's stiff is a trailer park senior who expires on the john... ok I get it now... dignity and death aren't close friends, thanks for another reminder! Nate turns 40... remember his speech about being ok with getting older? We knew it was a harbinger of something - just didn't see it as a blue anvil bird homicide (but I'm getting ahead of myself.) Good news, Brenda's preggers again! Nate's reaction not excited enough for Brenda, who's looking for any reason to be disappointed - when isn't she though? David and Keith get a parenting trial with, gulp, Queen Pasqueasel's kids? Yes, apparently he's married to Julie Brown (not 'Downtown' the other one you forgot about) with two kids who are perhaps a little too aware of sexuality at their ages - at least for David's sake. But that doesn't stop him from nearly having a go at it with the kids' hairdresser. David gets ahold of himself, though, right before goldilocks gets a hold of er... him. He's going to be a mother soon, so he's got to cut down on the hairdressers, I guess. Ruth is still bitter about crazy Farmer Hoggett even with Maggie around all the time. Ruth's found a sympathetic ear at her knitting circle, though, and I have a bad feeling about the needles these ladies are wielding.

But let's not forget Nate's 40... Surprise! It's a party in his honor and what a better way to celebrate then to bring all the f'd up people together in one room ('cept fair Rico, who's gettin' some ex-sex - that's two episodes in a row where Rico's gettin' it, good for him.) Who invited creepy Tom? (From ep. 53, he who gets a hard-on for 13-year old girls.) I don't know, but I'm glad he's there for comedic relief. Also don't remember this divorcee friend ("I'm gotten more tail since I turned 40 then ever... so Nate, fourty is just the beginning my friend,") either. Nate doesn't want the focus on him, though, so he spills the news that Brenda's preggers, much to her horror. This news sends wild-eyed Billy over the edge he's been dancing on and his 'Ski Iraq' wife beater may soon be traded in for a straight-jacket. Billy and Claire scream at eachother, Nate steps in, Billy walks outside. Billy and Farmer Hoggett have a touching moment outside on the porch, comparing notes on their insanity (meds? check, bitter partners? check.) Then they have a sing-along to "Daddy Sang Bass." I don't know why, but it makes sense to the aburdist part of me. Brenda, after talking to Billy, decides that Nate is the reason he's upset and we get a squirm-in-your-seat screamfest from them.

Tequila shots anyone? After a few Nate finds Maggie and gives her a shot and some whine. Maggie to Nate: If you think life is a vending machine and that you put in virtue and get back happiness you'll be disappointed. Nate likes getting his shit called on by purdy ladies and almost leans in for a kiss before he's interrupted... throughout the party there's this bird (an anvil?) that flies into the house repeatedly. It's an omen. A sign. A straw on the back of Nate's temper that breaks it and after a scary broom-wielding freakout, the bird ends up as a bonus stiff. Claire then sleeps with the divorcee and Billy begs and pleads for sloppy seconds upon her return home. Claire (and the audience) says 'ewww.'

For the soundtrack, we finally get the pairing of Six Feet Under with The Arcade Fire's Funeral ("Rebellion [Lies]",) along with the inevitable Coldplay selection ("Speed of Sound",) and the aforementioned "Daddy Sang Bass" only Johnny Cash-style.

Full Tracklisting with scene descriptions

Six Feet Under: Ep. 54
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Requiem for a soap opera (Ep. 52 - Season 5 premiere)

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Six Feet Under Ep 55

* "Walk On By (Acoustic Version)" - Seal
* "Dance With Me To The End OF Love" - Madeleine Peyroux
* "Winter in the Hamptons" - Josh Rouse
* "Speed Of Sound" - Coldplay
* "Daddy Sang Bass" - Johnny Cash
* "Rebellion (Lies)" - Arcade Fire

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