Monday, July 25, 2005

A 'Giant Sucker' punch

Six Feet Under Ep 59

(As always, spoilers ahead.) For those that were hungering for Claire's old art crew, they're back this episode (which includes the even-creepier Russell [pictured.]) Brenda finds out they're having a girl and that the baby's developing normally. Or is it... too soon to tell. This, of course, sets off Nate - the not knowing part. They argue about it as Nate drags Brenda to a Quaker friends meeting, where they sit all silent and occasionally stand up and say something meaningful like "friends, I need a ride." Brenda can't get into it like Nate, but then again for him it seems to be more about staring into Maggie's eyes. Nate plans on going back because Maggie needs a ride (don't they all?) but Brenda declines. Claire runs into her old art pal Anita (while making a lowest-of-low-on-the-totem-pole coffee run for her co-workers) and gets invited to ex- Jimmy's art show. "Everyone will be there" says Anita, giving Claire a shudder. Ruth agrees to baby sit Durrell and Anthony (Durrell: "you look like a witch!") and proceeds to bake some cookies like a good gramma. Meanwhile, Durrell takes Anthony out on a joyride in Keith's SUV, which David sees as he comes home. David then let's his mother know her style of parenting just won't cut it, so Ruth takes her cookies and goes home. Ted's interest in Claire is raised when he sees her crawling out of the back of her 'avocado' hearse in the parking lot, and invites himself to the art show Claire was probably going to skip out on. Fisher and Sons, er... Diaz, meet to discuss their future. David proposes buying a crematorium, Rico says they need to reach out to the latino community more, and Nate wants them to look at Green Funerals (inexpensive environmentally-friendly funerals.) Everybody hates one another's proposals, meeting ajourned. Claire goes to her art show with Ted and instantly runs into ex- Russell, who's looking crazier then Billy. After some awkward moments with Ted, he runs off to find Jimmy, whom he's apparently enamored with now. Claire talks w/ Jimmy and Anita and looking through Ted's eyes, realizes what the viewers have been thinking "what in the world were you doing with those losers?" Russell cracks and busts his wine bottle on Jimmy's phallic Giant Sucker Statue: "This is indestructable!" Jimmy tackles Russell and as Claire watches her ex-boyfriends wrestle below a giant sucker, she finds some closure w/ her fu*ked up friends. Keith finds out that Durrell has been clocking miles in his SUV and is furious until he talks with Anthony and finds out that Durrell just wants to clock some fun before they get thrown back into the foster cesspool. Keith decides to make Durrell believe that he has a future there by planning a trip to Mexico and a snowboarding vacation with the boys which causes David to pee his pants in glee. Rico finally gets some cajones and confronts 'Nessa on her ice-cold bitch act with a threat to leave and it's revealed that she loves him but just can't get to forgiving him. She's still ice, but there's at least the hint of a thaw for Rico to hold on to, however cold and slightly freezer-burned the notion still seems. Brenda continues complaining about Nate to her boss, who finally says what we've been thinking ("Brenda, shut the fu*k up!") and tells her that if she wants Nate to open up to her, maybe she should open up to him. So she decides to try the Quaker thing again and surprise Nate by showing up for the friends meeting.... and he'd be surprised all right, if he weren't sewing his Quaker oats with Maggie instead of being at the meeting. But this is Six Feet Under, so punishment is swift and Nate's brain thing is back and he's flat-out on Maggie's floor post-coital. The fact that his brain tumor might've returned might explain a lot of his ridiculous behaviour lately. But questions remain... is he dead? (Or will they leave that for Brenda to take care of later?) Don't have a clue, as there were no previews. That's right, none... like it's the end of the season or something. Creepy.

Full tracklisting with scene descriptions

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Six Feet Under - Ep 59

* "Let's Ride (featuring D-Loc, Richter, and Daddy X aka Kottonmouth Kings)" - Subnoize Souljaz
* "Bouree" - Jethro Tull
* "Japanese Girls" - Robbers On High Street
* "Ave Verum Corpus" - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
* "To Live Is To Fly" - Townes Van Zandt