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Entourage Ep. 17

Ok... I realize I'm a day late on all these Entourage recaps lately, but since they moved Six Feet Under back to the same night as Entourage, it's been a bit too much for me to do both (or even see both.) Musically, this is the U2 episode (groan,) but plot-wise, it's all Comic-con.

Johnny Drama offically really old, it's his birthday, so Ari gets the gang tix to see U2, Drama's favorite group. Whoops... they appear to be Clipper tix (in July?) Ari sends to boys to Comic-Con, where they'll be introducing Aquaman and Aquagirl. Vince decided he was too quick to get Mandy off the movie, so he's playing nice (or, more to the truth, still in love.) Drama's still big with the comic nerd set thanks to his old glory days series "Viking Quest." When they arrive he runs into geek loved Vanessa Angel (Stargate SG-1, Weird Science,) who Drama is jealous of because her minor character spinned-off into a more successful series (Angel Quest.) They run into Mandy and she introduces Vince to her fiance and invites him to dinner. Before that Vince has got an interview with a Harry Knowles (Ain't It Cool News)-like web journalist named RK (who, in another HBO synergy moment, is played by Rainn Wilson,) and things get heavy when he's asks Vince about proposing to Mandy Moore. Vince calls him an asshole and ends the interview. RK then threatens to bury the movie ("You're going down, Aquafag!") So now Shauna and E have to scramble around to try and make it alright. Vince blows off the dinner with Mandy and her beau when he's sees them kissing... the depth of his hidden pain is growing. Drama's autograph booth is right next to Vanessa Angel's and when her booth has 5 times the traffic his does he calls her out. And the jealousy, it turns out, is just good old fashion sexual tension. "Victory!" is the Viking Quest call for the nordic nerds when they see their heroes kissing. E and Turtle run into bitter RK at the Pussy Patrol booth, a porn comic book led by
Jesse Jane. E offers to fly RK to the set of Aquaman for an exclusive, which is a dig on the real RK (Harry Knowles,) who was flown out to the set of Kill Bill. RK instead demands $350,000 in a suitcase and leaves to the laughter. E tells the Pussy Patrol that Vince is in trouble and the ladies grab their black dildos and jump into action.
You see Harry, I mean... er RK, doesn't get a lot of attention from the ladies, so he takes it and writes up a piece the next day proclaiming Vince would make a great Aquaman. Ari calls to congratulate Vince on the piece and to make up the Clippers fiasco gets them tickets for a U2 show that was just added. Sort of tacked on like the whole U2 portion of this show. Bono says "Johnny Drama.... Feliz Cumplianos" before launching into "Vertigo" (with that mess'd up Spanish numerical nonsense.) The U2 appearance feels (and is) completely gratuitious.

Just like this blog (beat you to it.)

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Entourage - Ep. 17

* "All Because Of You" - U2
* "One Shot Deal" - Beanie Sigel
* "Rock The Casbah" - The Clash
* "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" - Queens Of The Stone Age
* "Cheating On You" - Franz Ferdinand
* "City Of Blinding Lights" - U2
* "Vertigo" - U2