Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tripping like it's 1969

Dungen Ta Det Lugnt

This Swedish psychedelic rock masterpiece first released last year finally gets it's U.S. release this week. Sung all in Swedish, it harkens back to psychedelica's heyday in the late 60's, with Hendrix-y fuzz guitar, Byrds-like harmonies, Keith Moon-like drumming and the sound... well the sound is so well-orchestrated that it feels effortless in it's dedication to the bygone era. There's no second or third generation revivalist aroma here - it's like someone discovered a long lost masterpiece album from that era and just plopped it in our laps (and in our ears.)

26-year old Gustav Ejstes plays every instrument (even the damn flute solos) which makes this release is even more mind-blowing. He writes well-crafted melodies that, regardless of your understanding of Swedish, will stick in your head. Apparently Sweden has a rich pysch-rock tradition, with the band Parson Sound, and this is the main influence on his sound. I'm not going to pretend I'm familiar with that band, but this Dungen release certainly has me searching for some of their stuff (along with the previous two Dungen releases.)

This expanded release for the U.S. has 5 extra tracks, 4 of which are instrumentals, so they don't add a whole lot. But the vocals track ("Tyst Minut") doesn't sound out of place, which, believe it or not, is pretty high praise.

I haven't had this much psych-rock-in-yer-ear fun since David Byrne released his excellent Os Mutantes compilation (Everything is Possible - World Psychedelic Classics 1: Brazil, 1999.) So fire up yer lava lamp and put your helmet-sized earphones on for this one... you won't be disappointed.

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drake leLane said...

Dungen - Ta Det Lugnt

* "Panda" - Dungen
* "Gjort Bort Sig" - Dungen
* "Festival" - Dungen
* "Du är För Fin För Mig" - Dungen
* "Ta Det Lugnt" - Dungen
* "Det Du Tänker Idag är Du I Morgon" - Dungen
* "Lejonet & Kulan" - Dungen
* "Bortglömd" - Dungen
* "Glömd Konst Kommer Studom änyo Till Heders" - Dungen
* "Lipsill" - Dungen
* "Om Du Vore En Vakthund" - Dungen
* "Tack Ska Ni Ha" - Dungen
* "Sluta Följa Efter" - Dungen
* "Tyst Minut" - Dungen
* "Jämna Plågor" - Dungen
* "Sjutton" - Dungen
* "Christopher" - Dungen
* "Badsäng" - Dungen