Friday, September 09, 2005

The Blow-C is back in the hizzle

Play it: The O.C. - The Aftermath (Season 3 premiere)

The O.C. is back, and the only anticipation I had was what would be the first song Josh Schwartz would lay at the altar of cool, and it was from Manishevitz (who sound like The Fall's Mark E. Smith singing over Roxy Music.)

Then later on, we get a key montage scene featuring a song from the Bloc Party Silent Alarm Remixed album, so Schwartz is back at it. I guess that means it's now time to tie up the cliffhanger from last season - where Marissa shoots Trey who's about to kill Ryan (his brother,) all while Kirsten is sent off to rehab. What happens? Apparently Trey's been in a coma all summer and no one (of authority) believes that Marissa did it, and the D.A. is pushing to pin it on bad boy Ryan. Trey comes to and can clear things up, except he lies and says Ryan shot him thanks to a pay off from Marissa's mum Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke.) So Ryan is arrested, and everyone's upset about it. Except, of course Julie... and Kirsten who doesn't even know all this is happening because she's still in rehab afraid to come home (and getting buddy-upped to by a conspicous Jeri Ryan.) But it's kiddy soap drama, so of course everything works out as Trey comes around and makes good (and then, still fresh from coming out of a coma, is on a bus outta town.)

Here's the songs that appeared this week (tracklisting with scene descriptions here)
Manishevitz "Beretta" (in playlist above)
The 88 "Hide Another Mistake"
Ian Broudie "Song For No One"
Teen Wolf "Way To Go"
Bloc Party "Blue Light (Engineers "Anti-Gravity" Mix)" (in playlist above)

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