Friday, September 23, 2005

Mama Cass in the hatch

Play it: Mama Cass "Make Your Own Kind of Music"

Finally got to see the Lost season premiere (missed it originally for a good reason: Arcade Fire,) and wow (minor spoiler ahead...)

We finally get to see inside the hatch, and what is in there? A turntable playing Mama Cass, what looks like a TRS-80 computer, and a damp, long-haired, booster-injecting occupant who's from Jack's past. As far as the raft goes, Shannon sees the previously abducted Walt in a creepishly cool vision, where he's all wet and trying to tell her something... his mouth is moving, but what comes out is odd whispers and acid-induced gibberish.

It's rare that they play any music that I can replicate in Rhapsland, so this is a treat (at least for me it is.) The way the show started, with the old computer and Mama Cass playing on the turntable had us going on whether it was a flashback, that is until the dynamite explosion. Truly an inspired beginning for the show, giving last season's cliffhanger a good bit of liquid to quench our thirst. I don't know how J.J. Abrams does it (because his previous shows Felicity and Alias certainly haven't predicted the good weirdness on Lost.)

Michelle Rodriguez
is now a cast member... don't know how that works. Is she a castaway we never noticed from last season, or one of 'the others'? Guess we'll find out soon.

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