Friday, September 23, 2005

In the aeroplane over the O.C.

Play it: The O.C. Episode 3.03
Play it: The O.C. Supplement - The Originals
Play it: Reunion 1987

This week's soundtrack sampler features some noteworthy covers. First Matt Pond PA (a Josh Schwartz fave) doing an tame indie-cred cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," and the relatively unknown All Sad Girls Are Beautiful covering power pop pioneers Badfinger with "Baby Blue." I've included the originals, (play it: The O.C. Supplement - The Originals,) as that's probably the closest we'll get to having the great Neutral Milk Hotel on television.

Our crazy red-headed step-villainy wishy-washy Jimmy Coop' finally cracks like we knew he would. When it's found that Caleb was broke, Jimmy Coop's financial red takes that form all over his face, first figuratively when he realizes the wagon he's hitched himself to is headed straight off a cliff, then later literally when his loan shark sends his boys to rough him up...but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Everything conspires to separate Marissa and Ryan, with the Coopers moving to Hawaii (a Julie Coop endorsed Jimmie scheme.) The night before they leave, the S&S (Seth & Summer) conspire to give them a romantic weekend together, using their new drama club indentured slave status to equip them with a South Pacific beach hut so they can do it for the first time (first, yeah, right.) Why are S&S indentured drama club slaves? It's because they're main characters in the show and need conflict to overcome... wait, no, I'm sorry... because the (transparent) villain Dean of Discipline told them to... or else! Not good enough either? Ok, so (transparent) villainess Taylor can boss them around making Summer annoyed enough to call her a 'skank' (twice!) Yes, that's reason enough.

So, while Marissa and Ryan are getting busy on the beach, a few meters away M's dad (Jimmy Coop) is getting battered on the beach. He should've been 'taken out' so his sorry-ass character couldn't come back, but instead he's allowed to sail off into the fake painted sunset in his (strike that, the bank's) boat.

For Reunion, forgive me for just piggy-backing their weekly soundtrack to The O.C.'s as that's really all the show is now, is a piggy-back on the O.C. If you ask me, the show's days are numbered, as the shares were down considerably from the pilot, and it's done little to convince this viewer that it has any legs (a busy bulletin board not-withstanding. 14-year old cap-lock-handicapped girls claiming it's like, THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! can't polish this turd.) Anyway, this week's is from 1987 (THAT'S LIKE, MY GRADUATION YEAR!!!) and includes R.E.M., Crowded House, and, from the promos, The Bangles "Hazy Shade of Winter" (included here because song was from the 1987 film, Less then Zero.)

Full O.C. music tracklisting with scene descriptions here.

Lions and Tigers and Blondes, Oh my (Episode 3.02)
The Blow-C is back in the hizza (Episode 3.01)
The hole that follows Blow-C (Reunion pilot episode)

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drake leLane said...

The O.C. Episode 3.03

* "Gangsters and Thugs (Explicit Album Version)" - Transplants
* "Salvation" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* "In An Aeroplane Over The Sea" - Matt Pond PA

drake leLane said...

The O.C. Ep 3.03, Supplement-Originals

* "Baby Blue" - Badfinger
* "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea" - Neutral Milk Hotel

drake leLane said...

Reunion - 1987

* "Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles (from the promo)
* "The One I Love" - R.E.M.
* "Simply Irresistible" - Robert Palmer
* "Don't Dream It's Over" - Crowded House

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