Thursday, September 01, 2005

OK Go modern dance stars?

Play it: OK Go - Setlist 050901
Video: Rolling Stone Original (Real) "A Million Ways"

OK Go just played in our basement, and the highlight (and lately seems to be overshadowing their music) was their choreographed dance routine to their single "A Million Ways." Guitarist/Singer Damian Kulash's sister Trish choreographed a routine and the fellers learned it, videotaped it in their backyard and handed it out at shows. The label (Capitol) apparently wasn't thrilled with the idea, but now it's made the viral rounds (NPR even just covered the story) and so a version of it will be made as their first video from their spanking new album. (Play the album: Oh No.)

NPR piece on the "A Million Ways" dance
OK Go's Blog

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drake leLane said...

OK Go - Setlist 050901

* "Do What You Wnat" - OK Go
* "Invincible" - OK Go
* "Oh Lately It's So Quiet" - OK Go
* "Her It Goes Again" - OK Go
* "A Million Ways" - OK Go