Thursday, October 20, 2005

Elliott's leaky Basement

Download it: Elliott Smith Basement II Demos
Play it: Thumbsucker Original Soundtrack

So I really had no excitement for any new releases (that made it into Rhapsody as of Tuesday afternoon) this week, and while this blog is certainly not a 'record review depot,' I do have the itch to share new music, and it hasn't been scratched this week. So I'll reach forward and back with these two.

Recently making the rounds this week in the blogosphere is the leak of 22 songs from Elliott Smith, compiled together under the title Basement II, a sort of clearing house for songs that didn't make the last post-humous release, From A Basement On The Hill, and rarities/demos that have been floating around for years.

Three of the songs ("Thirteen", "Trouble" and a different version of "Let's Get Lost") also appear on the recently released Thumbsucker Original Soundtrack. "Thirteen," for one, has been floating around for years, and "Either/Or" and "No Name #6" were during the Either/Or sessions, if memory (and song title clues) serves me correct.

Of the tracks here, only "Amanda Cecilia" and "Taking a Fall" sound like they're finished products from the original Basement sessions, but clean up a few others and they could've been as well. ("Let's Get Lost" was actually on From A Basement On The Hill, this version was originally recorded for Thumbsucker, along with "From a Basement" which doesn't appear in this leak, or on From a Basement or on Thumbsucker, oddly enough.)

For Thumbsucker's part, Tim Delaughter (Polyphonic Spree) makes for an interesting score, stepping in for Elliott Smith (who had tentatively agreed to record some music for Mike Mills' film before his untimely death.) It's essentially a more subdued Polyphonic Spree album, but majestic and sweet at the same time. Just listen to "Skinny Dip" and melt... or the blasts of happiness from "Debate Montage" and you'll be a believer. While Smith's contributions to the soundtrack are important, Delaughter really stepped up and delivered for Mill's quirky film.

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drake leLane said...

Elliott Smith Basement II
01 - Placeholder
02 - See My City Dead
03 - Abused
04 - Either/Or
05 - Georgia
06 - Riot Coming
07 - High Times
08 - Angel in the Snow
09 - New Disaster
10 - I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure It Out
11 - Whatever (Some Folk Song in C)
12 - Another Standard Folk Song
13 - No Name #6
14 - Going Nowhere
15 - The Worst Part is Almost Over
16 - Untitled ("Sticks & Stones")
17 - Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
18 - Trouble (Cat Stevens Cover)
19 - Taking a Fall
20 - The Last Hour
21 - Amanda Cecilia
22 - Let's Get Lost

drake leLane said...

Thumbsucker Original Soundtrack
(Songs by Tim Delaughter/Polyphonic Spree except where noted)
01. "The Crash"
02. "Scream & Shout"
03. "Slow Halls"
04. "What Would You Let Go"
05. "Empty Rooms"
06. "Wonderful You"
07. "The Rebecca Fantasy"
08. "Thirteen" Elliott Smith
09. "Pink Trash Dream"
10. "The Green Lights"
11. "Debate Montage"
12. "Trouble" Elliott Smith
13. "Skinny Dip"
14. "Sourness Makes It Right"
15. "Some Of The Parts
16. "Matt Schraam"
17. "Let's Get Lost" Elliott Smith
18. "Justin's Hypnosis"
19. "The Call Of The Wild
20. "Wait And See
21. "Move Away And Shine
22. "Acceptance
23. "Move Away And Shine (In A Dream Version)