Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pretador not posing as prey

Play it: Nip/Tuck Episode 3.05

This week is another short playlist, but more then makes up for it w/ Nouvelle Vague's great cover of Modern English's "I Melt With You." OK, SPOILERS:

This week's Nip/Tuck finds Christian the main suspect of the Carver killings when his DNA shows up at the scene. Apparently slinky Detective Kit McGraw (who finds out the hard way that she's got the wrong man) was getting in his pants as some serious undercover work, believing him to be the suspect all along. We get background info on Christian's foster parent-raising (raping, beating by father) and his birth-mother is inexplicably found and brought in to meet Christian. This was an obvious plot-ploy, introducing the possibility that his dad is still alive (and is a rapist.) So, combine that with his DNA impossibly found on the scene, and you have to believe that Christian was anally-raped by his own birth father (as the Carver.) That's my prediction... it's not the new parnter Quenton. I just think the way the show is written, it will be daddy (who's got to be about 55 or so now?)

The other main plotline of the show deals with the McNamara/Troy partnership, as Sean bandoned Christian believing that he might be the killer (and that would be bad for bidness in Miami.)

While we're on the subject of Miami, Wilma could sure use a make-over... my thoughts are with the folks in it's path (where we were supposed to be.)

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Recognizing restraint (Ep. 3.04)
When 3+1=2 (Ep. 3.03)
Ape humanized, human animalized (Ep. 3.02)
Bad cop, goooood cop (Ep. 3.01)

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drake leLane said...

Nip-Tuck Episode 3.05

* "Brother Where Are You? (Matthew Herbert remix)" - Oscar Brown, Jr/Matthew Herbert
* "I Melt With You" - Nouvelle Vague