Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Play it: Florida, Wilma and the change of plans

So, our plans this coming week to visit Miami, Marcos Island (in the Everglades,) and visit relatives in Little Havana is now out the window. Our flight to Miami unfortunately has the same arrival time as Hurricane Wilma does (Sunday morning.)

Thankfully, Alaska Airlines has been very accomodating today in helping us setup another last minute destination, so now we're going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Not our first choice, but for a last minute destination (using mileage, no less) it's not so bad, considering we could've been in a hurricane.

Florida evacuates tourists

* "Miami" - Will Smith
* "This Ain't Havana" - The Ramones
* "Everglades" - South San Gabriel
* "WILD WILMA" - Down River
* "Flinstones" - D.C. Anderson
* "Change Of Plans" - The Blue Series Continuum
* "Se A Cabo" - Santana

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