Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Money where their mouth is

Download: Harvey Danger Little By Little

Hey, I'm on vacation and have no access to Rhapsody (somebody help me!) Actually, I downloaded a ton of Rhapsody to go on my iRiver, so it's all good (todo bien.)

One thing that isn't in Rhapsody, though, is this gem from a band that was unfortunately pigeonholed as a one-hit wonder, Harvey Danger (remember "Flagpole Sitta"? Thought so.) Well they're back after five years and have a great self-released album out... and they're giving it away. Why? Well there are many reasons, one of which (my own) is "good products sell themselves." But that's just mine... they've got a whole page explainin' it. It's well-written too... you see lead singer Sean Nelson writes for the weekly Seattle alt-rag The Stranger. Harvey Danger themselves are a product of the UW School of Communications (kind of like the band I was in... as a matter of fact, Harvey Danger's first show was opening for us - believe it!) with Jeff and Sean working for The Daily.

Anyway, the album is quite nice... I'd credit the recent addition of Rob Knop for some of that if I knew for sure he contributed to the album. I know he's playing live w/ them now. Rob's a friend who wrote the musical Diana Moves. My other disclaimer would be that Harvey Danger's first show was opening up for my band House on Stilts (@ the Ditto) too freakin' long ago (since it was only our second show, you couldn't really give credit to a band having top billing.) That was before Sean joined the group, though, and only Jeff and Aaron (guitar & bass) remain from that original lineup.

The weather is great here, and I'm never coming back.

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