Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Jimi Hendrix of the accordion

Play: Steve Jordan The Return Of El Parche

So just a quick note to say I'm on vacation South of the border. Was going Marco Island and Miami, but Wilma got in the way, hence the last minute detail. So instead of a wonderful Miami Vice tribute, I leave you with my all-time favorite NorteƱo (or Conjunto, take your pick) album: Steve Jordan's The Return of El Parche.

He's been called the Jimi Hendrix of the accordion, which is an unfortunate sounding moniker, but it fits... the flamboyant fills and joy-inducing screams are too much to believe. And the eye-patch (parche) to boot... just have to listen to it to believe, claro que si.

Hasta la luego, mis amigos!

(I have a couple posts I started which I may finish and post in Mexico, but then again...)

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drake leLane said...

Steve Jordan The Return Of El Parche

01 Johnny Charasquis
02 Oaxaca
03 La Mucura
04 Miedo De Pederia
05 Yakity Yak
06 Le Seguiremos
07 El Cascabel
08 El Incienso
09 El Alacran
10 Lorianna
11 La Marcha Del Campesion
12 Chicana Preciosa