Sunday, November 27, 2005

Clasp Your TPS Report Say Yeah

Play it: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth"

This season of The Office has really hit it's stride, after some difficulties out of the gate last year. Already locked up for a third season, it's now able to color many of the characters out of their BBC counterparts initial lines, thanks in part to excellent performances from Rain Wilson (left) and Steve Carrell.

I finally got a chance to see this past Tuesday night's episode, and it featured some Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (already scooped by Merry Swankster,) playing in the background of a non-descript party. The song was my fave track from their self-titled debut, the very Modest Mouse-y "Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth." Many had pointed to them as an example of a great band that doesn't 'sell out' to tv shows, when they turned down the oppurtunity to play the Bait Shop on an episode of The O.C. I guess The Office qualifies for streed cred, at least in CYHSY's eyes.

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